Meeting your Host Family for the First Time

I going to speak about the first time, when you come to the house and you meet with your host family. For me, I was very excited, I was with other girl and we were very nervous because it was the first time that we came out of Spain. When we have dinner we were very nervous but we start speaking with us we were very well. And now we don’t want to come to the house in Madrid. This is very beautiful, the animals…all things. I hope that I come back next year.

Sheila, Madrid June 2014

Drama Classes

I enjoyed a lot drama classes. I laughed, smiled, I had a great time. The teacher Helen was fantastic. The moment I enjoyed more was when I had to speak like a teacher. All people should come to a drama class to have fun and have a great time.

Beatriz, Madrid

A Day in London

London is the best city I’ve ever seen. I love it. Me and the school went there some days ago. The first thing I saw was the platform 9 3/4 of Harry Potter. We visited a lot of buildings like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and London Eye. We caught a boat and ate there. In the afternoon, me and the boys went to Stamford Bridge, the stadium of one of the best teams in the world, Chelsea. I knew the stadium was fantastic because I saw a lot of matches of Chelsea but I didn’t imagine that the stadium would be so amazing. After this we went to Camden Town, a famous market in London. Camden sells everything. I bought a lot of things and for my opinion, Camden is very cheap. We stayed about two hours in Camden and after this we caught the train. When I arrived at home I was very tired because I walked a lot in the day. That day was one of the best days in my life. I hope to return to visit London because it’s very beautiful.

By Alessandro, Milan.

Au Pair

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We now offer an Au Pair service for both host families and for au pair candidates who can offer childcare and help with light housework in exchange for the cultural experience of living with a family abroad. We provide a highly professional and personal service and take time and care in matching each of our families with their new Au Pair, Nanny, Mother’s Help, Au Pair Couple or Housekeeper. We offer ongoing support throughout the whole duration of the placement.