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At Antler Languages we believe learning English should be enjoyable, professional and effective.  We are a small, independent language academy, highly professional and caring.

Learn a language

Being able to speak another language is a valuable and very rewarding skill in life. It’s also attractive to potential employers and a great addition to your CV. If you travel abroad regularly or visit relatives, plan to own or have a holiday home abroad or do business regularly with international or European companies, learning to communicate effectively and confidently in a new language is a huge benefit.

We welcome students from complete beginners to those with a greater knowledge of the language even if a little rusty.  Our professionally qualified teachers are all highly experienced and native or near native speakers.

We currently offer private tuition in

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • German

Or please contact us if you wish to learn a different language.

Where are classes held?

We offer tuition at our academy in the Old Town Hall, located conveniently in the centre of Oundle on the Market Place. Our classes are in small, informal groups or privately on a One:One basis. We also offer the option of tuition in house for our business students. 

Our focus is to get you speaking confidently and understanding new language as soon as possible while developing grammar, writing and listening skills. We think our classes are very enjoyable and offer a great opportunity to meet new friends with a common shared interest.

Classes are held during the daytime, in the evenings or on a Saturday morning. We are very flexible when it comes to booking tuition and our teachers will do all they can to arrange your class at a convenient time.  You are welcome to enrol with us at any time of the year. We can also offer examination preparation for GCSE, AS and A levels when additional language tuition can be arranged for school pupils preparing for exams during the holidays or after the school day.

We offer professional preparation for the internationally recognised Spanish Cervantes Institute DELE and French DELF/DALF qualifications for students who wish to study for an official Diploma in a Foreign Language. These are internationally recognized official qualifications and valid permanently. Examinations are held regularly throughout the year. Please ask us for further details

Student Exchange Programme

We also offer a European Exchange Programme for language students under 18. We provide a full placement and ongoing support service to your son or daughter after finding them a suitable European study partner and family. This offers a fantastic way to drastically improve language skills while learning about a whole new country and way of life.

For more information about learning any foreign language, please complete our Enquiry Form or feel free to call us for an informal chat.

Having returned to the UK in 2014 after 3 years living in France, we were keen to ensure that our children, then aged 14 and 11, had an opportunity to continue to speak the French they had acquired during their time in France.

We approached Antler Languages to enquire about the possibility of the children attending a regular informal class with a native French speaker. Within a short space of time we were introduced to Florence Alexander and the children started attending classes on a Saturday morning at Antler Languages in Oundle.

The classes have been running for over a year now and we have been very impressed with them. The children have maintained their abilities in French including the native French accents they acquired. The classes are very well prepared by Florence with different subjects discussed using all the different media, including YouTube videos, and occasionally with croissants! Sometimes the children are given an exercise to complete which is then followed up in the next class.

Following the success of these classes, Florence is now running a GCSE course for our daughter which she will complete over the next 2 years.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Antler Languages for any languages needs. In addition to the quality of the teaching, they are a pleasure to deal with and we have been delighted in how they have met our requirements.


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